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Pablo Soler: You really don’t need the best skate to be the best

Eki 22 , 2018

Sponsor(s): Powerslide
Current Setup: Hardcore Evo 2018 + 3x125 or 3x90mm Uc wheels
Favorite Trick(s): Heel heel parallel
Favorite Skater(s): Freezy/ Lomax
Favorite Video(s): Pierre Lelievre & Anthony Finocchiaro’ in INDIA



Hello Pablo. First, thank you for your time. Can you kindly introduce yourself?
Hello! I'm Pablo Soler, I'm 20 years old, I'm from Spain and currently studying in Barcelona multimedia design, work making videos and teaching skating.

How did you begin inline skating? When your first time at inline skating, what did you feel?
The first time I skated, I felt good seeing how it improved on my own.
I started when I was little and alone, in my father's cellar, next to large wine barrels of wine, because my mother was afraid that I would skate in the street. A few years later I started skating in line hockey with a team that Enrique Rubio was also in, and then we wanted to try other disciplines, like speed skating and freeskate, and enjoying the skating together.

You are quite popular and successful in Slide form. How did you decide switching to this? What is difference this form from others?
When I started competing in freestyle I saw that slides were my thing because I had been practicing freeskate for a while, despite this I have also practiced Slalom too. I prefer intense sports like slides jumps downhill ...

What do you do while learning new tricks? In generally, Can you talk about your training program?
When I want to learn new slides I Start by analyzing the slide, looking for similarity with others slides more basic and practicing those others first until you control them perfectly. For other tricks I try to be creative and try things that I have not seen or that I find cool.

What are suitable conditions for improve yourself in Slide form? How should ground be? How to choose the correct inline skate?
Currently, if you want to compete in skids in Europe you must train in a sliding floor as plastic or wax. but I have always preferred slab or something similar. although in the end it is good to train in different soils.
The right skate for skids is a skate that is comfortable and responds quickly to movements, my favorite skate is the EVO 2018 for now but You really don’t need the best skate to be the best.

How did you meet with Powerslide? Could you tell us about Powerslide and Pablo?
It all started in a national competition where the distributor of Powerslide Spain was. He told me that he needed some skater from my profile to test their products and give them feedback for the factory. I thought I could help. I am happy because I love their products and I also work for them making videos to promote the new products, recording and editing.

You are travelling so many countries with skating. How does it feel to inline skating with many skaters of different nations? How does this affect you and your skating culture?
It is fantastic to meet people from different cultures and lifestyles, I admit that it has given me a lot. For me, traveling is the best I can do with my money. What I like the most about skating is being able to meet new people, it's the best way to learn something new.

You came to Turkey in the past days. How has this process progressed? What do you think the skaters here? In General, Can you tell us about your Turkey travel?
I would say that it has been the best trip I have lived so far. I had a great time and had many fun times despite the language because it was difficult to communicate, yet everyone wanted to help me and they looked as excited as I was to skate there. I was amazed at the level of skating in Istanbul and the amount of skaters there, all of them were super friendly with me.

Which city do you enjoy the most to skate? How spots do you prefer?
possibly Barcelona, it's one of the best cities to skate, now I'm living here. I don’t have a favorite spot, I like streets and big places to run.

Could you tell us a moment you did not forget at inline skate?
I have had many incredible moments but perhaps the most exciting was when I went for the first time to compete in Paris with Enrique Rubio.

Last question is about recommendations. Do you have any recommendations for beginner skaters ? How they can improve themselves?
The best way to improve is to skate with friends, it will help you to have much more motivation and learn from each other. And if you skate with people who have more level it is easier to improve faster.

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