nils jansons interview

Nils Jansons: Here I am representing Roces brand and skating M12’s

Kas 29 , 2018

Sponsor(s): Roces, Hedonskate, BHC wheels, Ground Control Frames

Current Setup: I just got the new Roces Joe Atkinson pro model and put on GC MEGA frame with my BHC 64mm pro wheel + FP insoles.

Favorite Trick(s): I’ve always been enjoying different variations of savannahs and fishbrains.

Favorite Skater(s): all my friends, Haffey, Broskow, Shima, Julio, Kelsos and many more who make skating look beautiful.

Favorite Video(s): What do you believe in, all 4x4 videos, all Mindgame videos, Nekurzeme, Formosa.


Hello Nils, happy that we can do this interview. Do you remember the moment you first saw the inline skate? What did you feel when your first time at inline skating? In short, Can we learn how did you begin inline skating?
Hey there, i’m happy too! I learned to skate while playing little hockey at age of 8 and it was my brother I believe who saw x-games on Tv back in 2001, that’s when he asked for ‘'aggressive’' skates to our parents. It was just different world if compered to the ‘regular’ sports that my parents were sending me to. Blading looked cool, it was individual and free expression and the culture had the rebellious vibe. I was 9, my brother 15 and I just sticked with him, his friends and we were skating all the time. I was always the youngest one in the group which I guess was great motivation for faster progress to keep up with what everyone was doing. It was in our blood pretty quickly.


Your 2005 Koncerts profile is quite impressive. Having such a technique at 13 years old is really incredible. How the Jansons’s technique was formed? Could you talk about the training program at that time?
Skating every single day. I was really young but I believe really in love with the progression. My brother is big part of always pushing me further of what I thought I was capable of. And it implemented so I would go and push myself further of what I did day before. Mindgame movie WORDS was big influence for my skating. You know in school when they ask what would you want to be when you grow up and kids say astronaut, firefighter, for me it was Feinberg in WORDS. So at the time I wanted my tricks to be fast and impressive, so jumping gaps and pushing myself for bigger stuff was routine.


How was your perspective on inline skating in those years? Can you compare this with today?
Big, fast tricks. Shima, Haffey, Pianowski, Feinberg strongly influenced my approach. Today it’s still similar, but I’am very aware of the fact that my body can’t take falls that easy anymore and injuries heal longer therefor I am trying to avoid mistakes that could leave me out. It’s just more fun to skate everyday than not to. That affects my approach. I want to skate as long as I breathe so today I focus more on details and style. I really love watching people do their own, be individual and unique with their expression and that’s the best part of skating. Original approach and great style (skating style) is what I appreciate and respect more than ever.


You've had an amazing 11 years with Remz. How did you meet with this brand? What did you feel when the first time pro skate was produced for you?
Indeed. After Hedonskate picked me up in 2006 I started to travel a bit further. So in 2007 when Remz were looking for someone new to represent, Mirek from Hedon suggested me and that’s where my relationship with Remz began. Proposal for pro skate came I believe after I won Winterclash 2013. I never expected how and if it would ever happen and then on a chilly Latvian evening I received a email from Kato asking if I want to have a skate with my name on it. Of course it happened!


After 11 years of remz chapter, you joined to Roces. How did this happen? What is the biggest reason for joining Roces?
I was already looking for fresh feel this summer. Roces happened to come back just around the same time, we started to chat, they sent me skates to test and the M12’s felt really good. I’ll always be thankful to Remedyz and Kato for all those years. For me it was time to go on in different direction. Roces offered chance to bring something fresh for myself and blading community. That’s it, here I am representing Roces brand and skating M12’s.


You are a quite talented skater at both the street and the skatepark. Having to these two disciplines at the same time is not so easy. Do you devote equal time in the training program for both of them? Where do you most like inline skating: skatepark or street?
Thanks. I love both, but skating street has always been first place. Recently I’ve found myself more often in skateparks, skate plazas just because it needs certain crew, more time to look for street spots. For sure I love street skating more but I want to learn new ways to skate park, street, bowl and just be a better skater for myself. More fun if you’re able to skate any terrain. I don’t focus on certain contests at the moment so I’m balancing it out and skating anything I get chance to skate.


You suffered an injury in July 2014. How long did you not skate? What did you do in recovery process? How did this affect your skate life?
Yes man, and it really made me appreciate having good health. Every big injury transforms approach and makes you rethink why you do it. That was some hard and good time. I had knee injury and rehab time was for like 6 month before I started skating again. Like 10 month total until it felt alright again. I spent time finding out what else there is that I enjoy besides skating, that happened to be literature, taking care of my health, riding a bike, teaching kids to skate. I took it as a lesson and great challenge from where to improve as a skater and human being.


Could you tell us a moment you did not forget at inline skate?
There’s too many, but to think of something interesting it might be year 2007 in San Diego when we traveled to California with my brother Martins, Mirek and Luca from Hedon for SDSF. We rented a car and first place we went was Kato’s house. As we arrived there late evening and walked in the backyard, there was big house party. I looked around it was basically every top pro at the time I could think of. There was Shima standing, Haffey, Chaz Sands, Dre Powel, Aragon, CJ, everyone was there. I couldn’t really understand what is this place and is this real. Thanks blading!


You like inline skating in difficult spots. Where was the spot that compelling or excites you the most when rollerblading?
I used to look for crazy spots, not specifically difficult, just with high risk. It is actually a very simple trick to topsoul a drop rail. Spots make skating what it is, so finding something unique and taking it with your approach is joyful for me. Spots doesn’t have to be unnecessarily be risky today to make epic moves. I could say traveling to different cities around the world and skating diverse architecture with unique, cool looking spots is what excites me most.


You think, how is aggressive inline skating situation nowadays? Can we speak of uptrend or downtrend? What differences do you see between inline aggressive skating cultures in America, Europe and Asia?
I love to see so many outstanding individuals around the world with different approaches and vision of what skating can be. It has always been amazing and I feel like in the details of tricks and styles it is more amazing than ever. I only wish to see more younger people in our sport. Seems like kids easily jump from one thing to another before discovering how amazing something is.


What is the biggest regret in your skating life?
There’s non. It’s been amazing and I appreciate it all.


What are your plans for future? How do you want to spend the rest of your life?
Enjoy my days. I want to become better skater and better human being, develop different skills, be useful to others and stay consistent with daily practises. I’d love to be healthy and surrounded with positive minds, that’s were I aim and rest I trust will fall into the right place.


Do you have any advice for beginner or professional skaters ?
Just send it! Do it because you love it.


Finally, what do you want to say?
Get out there and live the life that makes sense to You. Shout out to everyone reading this, my whole family and my sponsors- Roces, Hedonskate, BHC wheels, Ground Control frames. Thank you for the interview, it was cool looking back to early days. Take care!


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