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Greg Mirzoyan: The more you skate the more you master skating

Mar 24 , 2018

Hello Greg. First of all, thank you accepting for doing this interview with us. How did you feel when you skating the first? Could you tell us how did you start inline skating?

I started skating when I was very young, like a small kid. On roller skates for a long time until I was about 14-15 yrs old and then I started Inlines. I loved the feeling of skating because of the speed and the risks, I felt like nothing could stop me, I loved to play on skates, to keep them all day. That was before I even did any kind of jumps. Just having fun on skates was more than enough.

You did aggressive skating for a while and after you became a brand by switching to urban skating. How and why did you decide switching to urban skating?
I never really decided to switch, I just tried Urban at some stage back in 2001 because some of my friends were skating on bigger wheels already and I felt like opening up a bit. I kept on doing both Aggressive and Urban for years, it's only since I moved to Barcelona back in 2010 that I pretty much stopped doing grinds, only once in a while, 2-3 times a year.

You are quite an experienced skater. What kind of training program do you have? What do you do for improve yourself?
Look I really like the concept of training and I love sports in general but I never practiced Urban skating with the idea of getting better, perform etc, I think I was relatively easy for me because of my background, other than that it's just practicing without specific intentions that kept me in shape, the more you skate the more you master skating.


You are one of the important names of Rollerblade. How and when did you meet with this big brand? Could you tell us about Rollerblade and Greg?
10 years ago I met the Rollerblade marketing manager in Paris during an event at the Trocadero. Rollerblade was just launching the Urban collection with the Fusion Skate and I was interested in testing it. It was a coincidence, we met at the right place at the right time. I quickly started making content for them and this is when we started developing the social media platforms. I was always either skating or creating content and it is still the case today. I am now content manager, this is mostly working on finding stories, ideas, locations, skaters, and making it look good.

You came to Turkey several times with the tour of Rollerblade. How did you like Istanbul? What do you think of skaters in Turkey?
I had a good time in Istanbul, I skated a lot though the streets I feel like I know the city now, the scene is amazing as well, so much people and so much motivation. It was really a great experience and I hope I can go there again soon.


During the tours of Rollerblade, you are meeting and skating with many skater of different nationalities. Does that affect your skating culture?
Ahah, good question. Being myself very interested in travelling and experiencing cultures I would say yes, it is really special to have the chance to do this on skates. I see skating as a way to share moments, I didn't used to be like this, I was skating with my friends in the past, now I often skate with a lot of people, there is a social aspect to it.

Which city do you enjoy the most to skate? How spots do you prefer?
New York City I think, it's the way the city is made, the traffic, the space…
I can't get enough of this city, I love it.

Although it is fun for many skaters, skating in traffic and skitching can be cause serious disabilities. What do you think about this?
Very true, this shouldn't be done by people who don't have a full control of their skates and even if they do I don't recommend doing it. Same for the protective gear, it's always safer to wear them, I really believe it, not saying this to sound corporate :)

Could you tell us a moment you did not forget at inline skate?
They are so many! One of them is coming to Istanbul the first time for sure, skating through the streets with a hundred skaters completely nuts in the traffic, that is a good memory!

Do you have any advice for beginner or professional skaters ?  What do you want to say?
To beginners yes, I believe the biggest improvements come from having fun on skates, and learning how to brake. You can do anything once you know how to stop in every situation.



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